Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI)

Your privacy is important to us. Wes Tex Telephone Cooperative, Inc. and WES TEX Telecommunications Ltd. respects and protects the privacy of our customers. We carefully ensure the confidentiality of each customer’s telephone account and calling information.

CPNI might include the type of line, technical characteristics, class of service, current telephone charges, local and long-distance billing records, directory assistance charges, usage data and calling patterns. Information from details on a customer’s monthly billing to provide telephone services is typically known as CPNI. Wes Tex does not sell CPNI in any form, including billing records, types of service, and calling habits to third parties. We do not use CPNI for marketing purposes, nor do we provide CPNI to any third party or affiliate, except as required by law or in certain normal courses of business, as explained below.

In some cases, we must disclose personal information to comply with subpoenas or court orders. We may also use your information with a third-party billing service as well as long distance service providers for services which you have subscribed. We may provide CPNI to credit bureaus, or provide and/or sell receivable to collection agencies to obtain payment for our products or services. These third-party contractors have the same obligations as our employees concerning the confidentiality of our customer information.

Wes Tex Family of Companies and its agents have an obligation under federal law to treat all information that relates to your CPNI, including your calling and billing information, in a confidential manner.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this information, please contact us by calling our business office at (432)756-3393.