Internet troubleshooting

To RESET Router

Make Sure:

    • You have electricity
    • Router is turned on
    • Equipment is plugged in
    • The Wifi button on your router is ON
    • Unplug router – wait 30 seconds – replug router
    • Please allow up to 5 minutes for a full Power-Cycle.

To run a proper speed test:

    • Unplug Ethernet Cable from router, and plug directly into laptop or desktop.
    • Follow the link to Speedtest

Upgrade Router/Firmware

    • Search your router manufacturer online for Upgrade recommendations

WesTex Managed Router:

    • $9.99/Mo
    • The contract is for 12 Months minimum. A cancellation fee of $75 is applied if contract stopped sooner.
      The router service fee applies for as long as the router is in use.
    • Westex can Reset router, Upgrade firmware, run Speed test, Manage Parental Controls.

If none of the above works, please call our office 432-756-3393, if after hours please call 432-268-8800